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„May I introduce myself:....

May I introduce myself: I am the NEW one. I am the soft and gentle. I‘m not pushy and fit into all rounds. I can withstand anything. I can be kicked, stomped and stressed. I am created for it. And I am also good looking. My appearance underscores my inner values ​​and shows that I belong to Kraft. Feel free to contact me. My name is K Gentle Rubber Floor.“


With our company brand, K Gentle Rubber Floor, we are expanding our offerings and present to you a first-class high-quality and inexpensive option for our horse walkers.


Please request a non-binding estimate.

Buon Natale!

 The year is nearly over. We wish you all a blessed Christmas and for 2017 all the best. We thank you for all the pleasent cooperation the last year. You can continue count in us in 2017.

Your Team from Uwe Kraft Reitsportgeräte & Metallbau GmbH

Christmas letter 2016

Sommerletter been arrived!

This year our summerletter has been  earlier than the last years. That´s why we celebrate our 20th annyversary at 2. October 2016. And now that all can read, what our plans and attractions are on this day, we will publish the letter in the moment for all. Welcome all. Let us celebrate together!

Powerful Engines

Powerful engines for vehicles with four wheels are their passion. With powerful engines for four-legged friends they count on us. A short visit show you a small insight into the wonderful equestrian centre.

Rail-Gliding Horse Walker to France

20 Years celebrate the Club Hippique de Grasse in the South of France, too. A Rail-Gliding Horse Walker from Kraft is a gift for all the horses and members of the club. With rubber floor and retractable gates will be a good combination for a comfortable standard. Nico and his team did a perfect job and congratiolations to France.

We celebrate!

Do you have any funny snapshots, pictures from your daily work with horses and the Kraft walkers or any nice events? We would be very happy! Please, send the pictures to beate.lindauer@kraft-fuehranlagen.de. Thanks in advance.

Thomas Konle

successful show jumper and trainer, added for different trainings a horse treadmill from Kraft. In the outside area with fresh air and rain protection. Best conditions for the current season.

Client trip to Austria a complete success!

25 have taken up the invitation of the Kraft company and travelled for 5 days through Austria.
The first stop was the competition at the Glock Horse Performance Center, close to Ossiacher lake, to be part of the spectators for the International Dressage CS4. The beautiful show area was perfectly organised down to the smallest details. Our clients were very impressed. On the way to Vienna we took a break at the National Stud Piper for an exclusive guided tour round the stallions and mares of the breed Lipizza. We arrived Vienna in the afternoon and used the free time for shopping and relaxing. The highlights the next day were all from Austrian history including a Gala show at the Vienna Riding School and a behind the scenes look into the stable. The Vienna Riding School is the owner of the biggist gliding horse walker of the world. We built it in 2008. It`s one of the best references we have. At night, we visited a „Heuriger“ (a typical Austrian folk pub with fermenting new wine, hearty meal, and music). On the last day, we visited two interesting stables with different basics. First we vistited Gut Neuhof, a family based company combining agriculture and stud farming with an inclosed riding association. Last but not least, we visited Gestüt Unter den Birken. Eva-Maia Aufrecht won the special award of „Unser Stall soll schöner werden“ (If only our stalls were as good!) The concept being horse keeping in an openstable. The most modern and kindest way to stable horses. Healthy and fit horses are the result, as we could seen there.

Everywhere we went we recieved a warm welcome. Thank`s to all, who have made this trip such happy event. Kraft keeps your horses fit! And their clients and friends, too! 

Vittoria a Singapore per Sebastian Vettel

In testa a tutti e con un po’ di fortuna, Vettel ha vinto il Gran Premio di Singapore. Mentre lui dà prova della sua velocità su quattro ruote per il team Red Bull, altrove dei veloci a quattro zampe fanno i loro giri, per essere in testa sul rettilineo anche nella prossima corsa.

PS: Puntualmente per il Gran Premio Heike ha venduto la prima giostra Kraft a Singapore.  Quanto è piccolo il mondo!